Game: Road Trip / Endurance Racing

I’ve recently started working on a new game, a 2D side scrolling racing game. I haven’t decided on a name yet, probably “Road Trip” or “Endurance Racer”. I’ll be releasing a free download as soon as there is a version worth playing.

Road trip.png

Currently the game is in very early stages, as you can probably tell from the placeholder art and the basic interface.

This is not a traditional racer, but rather a racing management game. You’ll have to manage your car’s stats, such as cooling and fuel economy. I’ve been wanting to make a game like this for a while, because something that games never really take into account is that when you upgrade a car the effect isn’t all positive. There is usually a trade off.

One such example is installing a turbo. Most games just allow you to do this with the only effect being increased power, but in reality doing this without upgrading the cooling system will mean that you’ll have trouble with your car overheating.

That’s exactly what this game will be about, building a balanced car and driving it to earn money. There will be service stations where you can use your money to refuel, service, and upgrade your car. The goal will involve covering the maximum amount of distance in the available time.

Good fuel economy and a big fuel tank will mean less stops and a higher average speed. Building a fast car will mean high speeds, but push the car too hard and you might damage the engine or get fined for speeding.

As it stands, the following features are available:

  • Physics that control the power, resistance, and heat of the engine
  • Top speed is not just a predefined number, but a function of the physics
  • Throttle control and brakes
  • Very basic side scrolling display with placeholder art
  • Basic display of car stats

Short term development goals are:

  • Adding fuel, fuel economy and fuel tank size
  • Oil changes
  • Upgrades (engine upgrades, turbo, cooling, aero etc.)
  • Money

Medium term development goals are:

  • Service stops
  • Speed traps and scanner to detect speed traps
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Balancing physics, stats and upgrades

Long term develpoment goals are:

  • Day/Night cycle
  • A reason to race, either against time or AI racers
  • Player stats, such as having to eat and sleep
  • Sound and music
  • Improved art and interface

This list will likely expand or change depending on what makes the game fun and what’s easy to implement. Development will be relatively slow. I have limited experience in making games, and limited time to make games given my full time job and family commitments. My strenght lies in building back end simulations, while graphics and sound is definitely not my strong suit.

I’m quite keen to get feedback though, which is why I’ve posted about it on my blog. If you have any ideas or thoughts about the game feel free to comment or contact me. I’m aiming to do updates on the blog every month or so, and as stated will be releasing a free build to play as soon as there is I feel that the game is worth playing.


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